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CoachingInc provides online virtue one on one and group sessions globally. All you need is access to the internet, smartphone, or computer to connect with us. 


The lead coach is Lakeisha Muhammad who is all about helping people and being whom she needed and believes her clients are looking for her so she can attract them. 


CoachingInc stands for Inspired Network Coaching and will also be a diversified unit of coaches and a few selective mentors collaborating to serve different people in the community where we are led to open our physical space by end of the year. 


CoachingInc serves a diversity of women and men ages 18-50  who are seeking to achieve personal goals, break poor thinking patterns, challenge your belief systems, help find your passion, unlock your purpose and master your gifts!   


CoachingInc has 4 core principles that we coach from Mind, Emotion, Spirit & Personal Self Development. 


We challenge you in these 4 areas surrounding your belief systems, thinking patterns, choices, any blocks that could be keeping you from achieving your personal goals and filling your purpose. 

Group Hug

Group Coaching

Group coaching is coaching in a group. During this group 
session the participants all have the same purpose and goals, and work together in the same organization.

LaKeisha Muhammad

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Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching allows you to set relevant and realistic goals for yourself, based on your own nature and needs in order to take relevant and realistic actions toward reaching your goals.

LaKeisha Muhammad

People During Workshop


Workshops are seminars, discussion groups, that emphasizes exchange of ideas and the demonstration and application of techniques, skills, etc.

LaKeisha Muhammad

And you have to work really, really, really hard to get there, but you can do it.”

- Cheryl Strayed

“The place of true healing is a fierce place. It’s a giant place. It’s a place of monstrous beauty and endless dark and glimmering light.

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