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Mysacredpathllc provides virtue one-on-one and group sessions globally. All you need is access to the internet, smartphone, or computer to connect with me. 

In-person is limited at this time.


The lead coach is Lakeisha Muhammad A woman with a community networking vision. Supporting others on their journey as she is on her own, being transparent and vulnerable with her tribal community and her clients. You are not alone!

We all have shadow work to do. Sometimes what we do is whom we need in our own personal lives. 

The difference is the level of wisdom, information, and tools I have to share.


Mysacredpathllc Is all about one's personal journey, transitions, and transformations in their life. Learning how to live consciously and consistently within their own bodies, embracing everything about their being without shame, fears, societal or generational influences.

Mysacredpathllc serves a diversity of younger women and older women in a diverse age range, who are seeking to achieve personal goals, break poor thinking patterns, challenge their belief systems, help find their passion, unlock their purpose, master self-love-oneness and master their gifts!   


Mysacredpathllc is about Personal Self Development, Mind, Emotion, Body, and Spirit Wellness.


Our Core areas of challenge are around the mind emotion self-love and those belief systems that may not suit you best. 


Sacred Palace Community
Coming Soon

This new community space is purposed for women to gather with other women who are on a new journey of self-discovery, finding their true essence, self-love, mind, body, and spiritual balance. 

These are women who want to know and have a clear understanding of all of their divine energy and powerful bliss. 

Women who have walked away from organized forms of religion.

Women who have been harmed in mental, emotional, and spiritual ways but are too ashamed or fearful to talk about it. 

Asking questions about sex and sexuality.

Women who are open to having new sexual experiences. Women who want to learn about pussy wellness and the power of their pussy place.

Women who aren't sure about their sexuality.

This is a "NO judgment ZONE"


LaKeisha Muhammad

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One on one Coaching

If you have a need for individual support, please send an email or schedule your free 45-minute connection call by clicking the link.

*NEW SERVICES* Are being updated, thank you for your patience.


LaKeisha Muhammad


 Sexual Empowerment Sessions

You are welcomed into this sacred space to join other couples engaging in different techniques and gathering information with your partner to learn how to express yourself and communicate your needs and desires to each other. We will engage in fun adult activities! Coming Soon.


LaKeisha Muhammad

And you have to work really, really, really hard to get there, but you can do it.”

- Cheryl Strayed

“The place of true healing is a fierce place. It’s a giant place. It’s a place of monstrous beauty and endless dark and glimmering light.