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  Sacred Embodied Empowerment & Life Coach

Empower. Inspire. Motivate.

Lakeisha aka Lady M. your sacred embodied, empowerment coach is here to work with you in 2023!

She is a multi-passionate coach who works with women and moms in areas of self-love, self-care, spiritual wellness, embodiment, and sacred sexual empowerment.

She supports her clients and women's community in creating new ways of, living consciously and consistently within their bodies, embracing everything about who they are. 

She is a mom so she can relate to those mommy whoa's we experience on the journey of parenting. 

She understands that some moms struggle with being sexy and confident after having children.

She knows how important it is to make sure you are taking care of yourself and that you feel sexy confident again.

Setting intentions and goals.

Finding your self-confidence in and out of the bedroom.


Learning to trust their own intuitive selves, by applying the wisdom their body gives them.


She is a woman who has overcome many battles and struggles in her life including a lack of body confidence. Taking back her power! Learning the power of self-love for herself and her body, by doing her healing work, mind, and body.  


She is able to support you with tools on how you can remove those blockages that do not serve you and are keeping you back from love peace and joy in your life. 

She also offers couple sessions, working on effective communication, sexual intimacy, conflict resolutions, designing the partnership for your relationship, and how to be creative around pleasure...Keep that spark Lit!!! 

She is a self-motivator with the ability to share this energy with others.

Her willingness to stay true to who she is, it's her transparent attitude, and her positive mindset is a superpower that ables her to empower other women, inspiring them to take on that same energetic attitude about themselves.  

She knows having core values and principles that you live by supports you best.  

She honors those things in her coaching, mentoring, and working with her clients,

one-on-one or in group settings.


​Her level of confidence, wisdom, experience, and training qualifies her to coach you. 

Her inspiration is from a heart and character of truth, love, accountability, consistency, authenticity, and showing up.

She supports clients, by challenging them to evaluate their belief systems and how it connects to the mind, emotion, and spirit.

How it has helped or hindered them from true self-happiness and pleasure in all areas of life.


Evaluating their generational history and patterns.


What they have adopted from childhood?


What does healing look like for them?

Do you have mother/father wounds un-aware of?

What effects has it had on their relationships?

She knows it's essential to find the spiritual path that you will honor and serves you in all areas of your life. She knows that connecting with your higher self is a divine connection to your purpose. 

There is a healing process we grow through by breaking the barriers around stigmas, taboos, and belief systems that we've adopted but have not served us in the divine essence of our being. 


Understand that our wellness is more than physical!

If this is you, let's connect! 

Realign with your inner power source!

Set new goals and intentions!

Remove limiting beliefs!

Move to a place of knowing!

Honor your path with clarity!

Be Authentic!

Be Unapologetic! 

Know your Worth!

Love all of You! 

Find your inner Goddess!

Call back your self-pleasure!

"My Affirmation"

'I am spiritually free to be me'

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