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Lady Lakeisha Muhammad has the ability to touch the hearts and mind of women she empowers, with her raw and authentic humorous energy.  

We all have past, we all have a story, we all need that empowering uplift from other women whom have overcome something in their own life, but still becoming her best self.

She is a motivator with the ability to bring colorful vibrant energy into her any environment she enters.

She will keep the same energy in her client and group coaching relationships that are always respectful and  honest.

She is firm on "Being Authentic."

Her level of confidence, wisdom, experience, and training qualifies her  to empower other women, but not limited to men.

She will empower you with love, respect,  and hard questions all for wanting to see you in healthy mindset about yourself and your life. 

Lady Lakeisha challenges herself and other women to be accountable to what they affirm want to do with their lives.


"I am imperfect too"!  But never allow imperfections to stop you from living life and being happy.

She believes in celebrating small and big victories of other's.

She wants to see women become a better them and Win"! for themselves, family, relationships, communities that need their presence of gifts.

Let's work...Let's thrive...Let's create...Let's go higher...Let's build stronger together!

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